Full Name: John
Alias Sexy Mobster John
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Occupation: Former Mobster in E.V.E
Former Mob Boss of the E.V.E. Mob
Status: Unknown
Deceased (in E.V.E.)
Current Friends:
Current friends:
Current Enemies:
First appearance: scouting solomon's.
Last appearance: double-cross.

"You give these 5 bags to your friends, and tell them to see Sexy Mobster John. "
―John to Rebekah, he repeatedly calls himself "Sexy Mobster John" in My Virtual Escape.

John is a character in My Virtual Escape. He took over Solomon's business after Solomon decided to go on a hiatus. He is portrayed by John Hagerty.

god's plan.

His first prominent appearance (other than his appearance in scouting solomon's., which wasn't substantial) was when Solomon handed him the Drug Business; like always showing clear, brazen signs of disrespect towards Isaac

two birds, many stones.

He makes another appearance, this time him at his desk confronting Rebekah and Isaac after they were caught. He gives remarks towards them being a "make believe couple". He threatens Isaac with his Ithaca 37 shotgun without the stock, and then Gingy runs into the room showing John that he found the hammer in the bar that Isaac was wielding. Gingy claims that Isaac was beating him up and stealing XP from him, in which he spits on Isaac and runs away. John tells Isaac that the jar of XP resembles the percentage of territory that they control within the VR World. He gives Rebekah 5 bags of Blue XP and then they soon leave.

brothers in arms.

The "brothers" hunt down Isaac and Abraham, they are both chased and they both unite (with a small interception from Rebekah, to assist them) to fight off against the brothers, he then chases Isaac down to a nearby river in the woods and points his gun at him before being shot down by Malachi while he was disguised as a brother.


Isaac rats John out to Solomon about his attack on Team Piece of Shit. Solomon then disowns John, wounds him, and finally kills him... right before mortally wounding Solomon, shooting him in the abdomen. John dies from a headshot wound.

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