Editor Note: The proper title is: Stage #3 - The Gamble but wikia restrictions do not allow # in the title.

Stage 3 - The Gamble
Post Date Sep 13, 2015
Duration 11:01
Genre Prank
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Stage #3 - The Gamble is an episode of the BigBrudda Series uploaded onto the BigBrudda channel. It was uploaded on September 13, 2015.


Jeffrey Jr.. is at the Abraham Household because he needs to talk to Uncle Larry, which he thinks will be super awkward because of the events yesterday. Jeffrey Jr. retrieves a box of corona beers from his trunk to help butter up Uncle Larry to listen to him.

Uncle Larry comes out of the door and surprised to see Jeffrey is at his house after everything that happened. Jeffrey Jr. tries to shift the blame to Jesse over Uncle Larry being kicked out of the house. Uncle Larry wants Jeffrey Jr. to get out of the house but Jeffrey Jr. asks him to just listen for two minutes. Larry relents and lets him in, saying he has just two minutes.

Jeffrey Jr. appeals to Uncle Larry, saying the rift between the two of them was created by Jesse. Jeffrey Jr. tells Uncle Larry about his t-shirt idea that he already told Theresa and wants printed at Uncle Larry's store. Larry gives Jeffrey Jr. a beer and takes him out to the lounge to talk. Jeffrey Jr. tells Uncle Larry that the t-shirts will make a lot of business for the shop and will help all of them out. Uncle Larry can't believe Theresa is agreeing with Jeffrey Jr., but acknowledges the business has been doing bad for the past four years and this could help. Jeffrey Jr. thanks Uncle Larry for listening, then leaves.



Stage #3 - The Gamble was filmed by Jeffrey Jr..



  • Stage #3 - The Gamble reveals the contents of the envelope in Stage #2 - The Pitch and Jeffrey Jr.'s plan to sell BigBrudda t-shirts.
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