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The Stahlberger Residence
Status: Active
Located at: Pittsgrove Township, NJ 08318
Owner(s): The Stahlberger Family
Inhabitants: George Stahlberger
Melissa Stahlberger
Emily Stahlberger (Not currently)
Georgie Stahlberger
Theresa Ridgway (Psycho Series Character) (Formerly)

The Stahlberger Residence is the residence of the Stahlberger Family. It is a two-story mansion containing three current full-time residents (George, Georgie, Melissa)


The bottom floor contains a living room, a kitchen, bathroom, a staircase, and other miscellaneous rooms.

The upstairs floor contains a small hallway overlooking the living room. In it, contains a few bedrooms, one of which is a vacant room which was formerly inhabited by Theresa Ridgway.

Outside, a Morton Building can be found, as well as a small skateboard park directly behind it.

The residence is surrounded by a forest, where Jesse Ridgway, in Uncle Larry's RV, was formerly residing.

The basement is finished and consists of a bar and entertainment area.

Notable Inhabitants

Name Status When Moved In When Moved Out
Date Video Date Video
Emily Stahlberger Currently residing at Rowan University c. 1992 None Unknown None
George Stahlberger Living in the house Unknown None
Georgie Stahlberger Moved out c. 1989 None 2017 GEORGIE'S ROOM TOUR 2017/MOVING OUT!
Melissa Stahlberger Living in the house Unknown None
Several cats Living in the house Unknown None
Theresa Ridgway Moved out December 13th, 2015 MOVING IN w/ AUNT MELISSA! February 13th, 2016 THE FALLOUT! (PART 1)
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