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Steven Williams / Francis
New Boogie.png
Full Name: Steven Jay Williams
Alias Boogie2988
Redneck Jessy
Jesse's Biggest Juggie
Obsessed Fan
King Daddy Steve
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Occupation: YouTuber
Twitch Streamer
Author of Psycho Series Graphic Novel
Status: Alive
Current Friends:
Current Enemies:
First appearance: WEEKEND AT BOOGIE'S!?
Mentioned in: MY PARENTS FOUND OUT...
Psycho Dad Destroys Amazon Echo onChristmas

"I. WILL. FUCKING. HURT YOU! Do you understand, Jesse?"
―Boogie, threatening Jesse Ridgway.

Boogie2988, sometimes referred to as his real name Steve, is the long distance internet friend of Jesse Ridgway. He, during the COLLAB SERIES, portrayed himself as an obsessed fan who trapped Parker Zippel and Jesse in his home, forcing the two to play video games with him. Despite the incredibly worrying actions he committed while Jesse and Parker were in his home, it was revealed mid-way through the series that Steven is not the obsessed fan he made himself out to be (especially not in reality), it was an elaborate prank, devised by Steven and Michael Green after the likes of Jesse's continuous attacks against Michael's career.

He is portrayed by the real life Steven Williams.


The Collab Series

Jesse and Parker meet Boogie in his home.

Upon returning home from Michael Green's home in South Carolina[1], Jesse and his cameraman, Parker Zippel, are downstairs in the basement talking until Boogie calls, inviting the two over to his house in Arkansas. Jesse is unable to resist while Parker is unsure and a little uncomfortable with the sudden invitation from somebody he deems a stranger. Regardless, the two pack and leave early the next day.[2]

Steven entrusting his Hello Kitty baseball bat onto Jesse.

They both arrive in FIVE NIGHTS AT FRANCIS'! and introduced to Francis' "Southern Hospitality", however, he and Parker get off to a rough start, which escalates to Francis firing shots at him in a passive-aggressive manner. As the days go on, Boogie is slowly but surely shown to have an insane and sensual obsession with Jesse and his Psycho Series, which meets its peak in HELD HOSTAGE BY AN OBSESSED FAN! when Boogie completely loses touch with reality, and forces Jesse and Parker to commence in gaming sessions with him, threatening them with a baseball bat.

Jesse and Steven playing games.

It is evident that Boogie has been mourning the loss of his favorite and incredibly inspirational series, The Psycho Series, and misses the characters and story as he has an entire room full of almost every McJuggerNuggets merchandising.

Fortunately, after their phones are taken away because of Parker's near calling the police for help and Jesse's near molestation, the two devise a plan to drug Boogie to unconsciousness and flee his home. Despite the success of the plan, Jesse vows to stay behind as Parker leaves for a hotel.

Steven's "Juggie Doll."

As Jesse waits for Boogie to wake up, he cleans up the house and packs properly. As the next night arrives, Boogie wakes up. Jesse is finally told that Boogie never ordered a return flight, to which Jesse admits he knows. Jesse then tries his utmost best to keep Boogie mentally in check, agreeing to most of his strange, but also reasonable requests, even agreeing to let him see a trailer of the Psycho Family documentary by Brian Spitz and falsely telling him he could come over to the Ridgway Residence to see the proper documentary at a premiere party.

Steven attacking Jesse with a baseball bat.

However, things go awry when Jesse discovers another room in the McJuggerNuggets merch room, which withholds more merchandise, but also a blow-up sex doll with a picture of Jesse's face taped onto it, along with a shrine of himself coated in wax candles. After being confronted about the room, Boogie gets into a hysterical argument with his character, Francis, about how he had screwed the whole trip up, which ultimately leads to Boogie declaring that he would try to ruin Jesse's career with falsification, including his attitude and attempted extortion of Boogie.

Jesse then tries to leave, which causes Boogie to whip out a wooden baseball bat and beat Jesse with it multiple times, after which he gets up and flees to the attic. After several hours of attempting to bomb Jesse with firecrackers, trying to pry him down with various appliances and sexually role playing with the "Juggie Doll" in front of him, Boogie shuts the attic door, trapping Jesse.[3]

Steven threatens Parker with a stick.

All of this culminates the next morning, in BREAKING OUT OF BOOGIE'S!. Jesse devises a plan with Parker to escape for good, which consisted of Jesse giving Parker the go to ring the doorbell as Jesse lies to Boogie telling him it was the police, to which Boogie freaks out and acts less intense. When finding it was Parker, Boogie threatens him with a stick and tells him to leave. Jesse then goes for Boogie's wife's keys, stealing her car with Parker in tow, leaving a shaken Boogie in the dust. However, he sends countless messages to Jesse with the addition of hundreds of voice mails. The last known amount of voicemail's sent to Jesse was 107.

Steven and Michael reveal "the truth".

Incredibly, in KIDBEHINDACAMERA PRANKS MCJUGGERNUGGETS!!!, Boogie's behavior was brought on as an elaborate prank devised by both he and Michael Green, meaning his psycho persona was more or less a prank, however Michael admitted himself that Boogie went a bit too far and even accused him of "flipping the switch" on Michael, with Boogie and Jesse working together, to which Boogie denied by telling him he was genuinely "poisoned" and had his car stolen. Boogie then goes onto blaming Michael for the car, and then considers Jesse a loose canon.

The Devil Inside Series

Season 1 & 2

Isaac upon questioning Parker on who Boogie2988 is.

Boogie's "Collab Series" character is mentioned once first in the season one episode, THE BROTHER I NEVER HAD... as Isaac questions who he is after seeing messages from him on Jesse's phone.

We finally see an appearance of Boogie in Sacrificing a juggie at vidcon 2017. as Boogie interrupts Billy the Fridge and Isaac's conversation for drugs upon noticing him. He gives his opinions on Jesse's character Isaac discussing that he doesn't like it and prefers the Psycho Series better. He also seems to want to hang out with Isaac who he thinks is still Jesse currently while at VidCon.

Boogie opening his door, upon arrival of Jeffrey Jr. and Parker Zippel.

In the devil inside. in suspicion of Boogie taking the real mirror that Isaac had that has Jesse inside, Parker Zippel and Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. arrive to Boogie's house, with himself seeming confused to why they're there.

Continuing where that vlog left off, BOOGIE2988'S BATHTIME FREAKOUT! starts off with Boogie discussing to Parker and Jeffrey Jr. about what occurred at Vidcon 2017, still believing that Isaac is a character Jesse made up. Boogie also doesn't believe in the fact that Dr. Snap vanished into a portal in the previous vlog. Boogie as seen doesn't have a liking interest in Parker still but seems to favor being in the same room as Jeffrey since he's was "the psycho brother", but also describes his character as being a prick. In his Psycho Series 2 script supposedly he killed off his character very early as well.

Parker and Jeffrey not trusting Boogie at all (given previous events in The COLLAB SERIES), response to the suspicion of him that his persona Francis, is just a character he made up and there's nothing to worry about, he will help try and find Jesse Ridgway with them. At a restaurant, Boogie sends out several messages and tweets but no supposedly hasn't responded to them yet. Boogie, being someone who despises Parker, calls Parker "Corn" in the sense that he doesn't like him. Boogie starts to treat Jeffrey as he did Jesse in the sense of on his side, a secluding Parker to feel as an outcast, though he also begins to get obsessive over Jeffrey as he did to Jesse Ridgway.

Boogie calling Michael Green after Parker Zippel (and Jeffrey) are not convinced that Boogie doesn't know what happened to Jesse.

He calls Michael Green after Parker Zippel is convinced to not trust Boogie and he wants to prove to Parker that his "character" of obsession to Jesse was just a prank planned by the two. Michael Green agrees with Boogie that the "character" was all an elaborate prank. Parker finally comes to an agreement to just help find Jesse with him as Boogie seems to want to help them without Parker breaking into his room as he did prior to the call. Boogie also tries to get Parker and Jeffrey to stay the night and play some video games with them to past the time.

After Jeffrey and Parker finally agree to play video games with Boogie, he reminds Parker of his no phone policy as he had the last time he was at the house with him. Jeffrey seems to easily agree to the idea, however, Parker doesn't like it as much and defies him by only taking out his phone case instead of his actual phone. Soon as Parker gets up to use the bathroom (supposedly), Boogie discusses Parker to Jeffrey on his thoughts of Jesse supposedly "not liking him" that much and asking Jeffrey is he friends with him. Boogie locks Parker in his own attic after seeing Parker climb up the attic with suspicion of him knowing where Jesse's mirror is.

Boogie trying to convince Jeffrey of the role reversal collaboration video.

With Parker up in the attic with no one to hear him (given that Boogie turned on the washing machine so that no one could hear him), he takes Jeffrey's phone after noticing his phone was ringing with calls from Parker, in secret. He attempts to do a collaboration video with Jeffrey. Boogie lures Jeffrey into a bathroom with a tub lighted with candles around it.

He convinces Jeffrey that it's all apart of a role reversal of the video, Psycho Dad Destroys Nintendo Switch. He tells Jeffrey that it would help out both of there channels as well. When Jeffrey seems to find out the real intentions to Boogie's plan to get him in the bathtub with him naked, Jeffrey rushes off to find out where Parker is.

Jesse after being snapped back in the mirror by Boogie.

Boogie begins to have a mental breakdown in the bathroom because of this. When finally getting out he goes into his room to reveal that he has the mirror the has Jesse inside and has been using Jesse as a sex slave.

Continuing the storyline, THE REBIRTH OF 'MCJUGGERNUGGETS!, Boogie is locked in his room with the mirror that Jesse is in. With him refusing to let open the door, Jeffrey kicks down the door and goes through a struggle with Boogie for the mirror. As Boogie continues to let hold of it, Jeffrey goes out of the room to retrieve one of Boogie's Master Swords to threaten him to give him the mirror. Boogie gives back the mirror and afterwards Jeffrey smashes the mirror, as we can vaguely hear Jesse mufflingly telling Jeffrey to stop breaking the mirror, but Jeffrey can't hear him over everyone's yelling. This results to a shade of the real Jesse coming out instead, as he walks out of the nearby bathroom; presumably because that's where the nearest mirror was.

Boogie's standoff with Jeffrey Jr. for the mirror containing Jesse inside.

When "Jesse" comes out of the mirror he's covered in Boogie's "goo," he asks Boogie where's the bathroom furthest away from him. Which leads Boogie to break down. As "Jesse" walks out of the room, Jeffrey Jr. tells Boogie to shut up as he asks how he even knows that it's Jesse, not Isaac. Jeffrey and Boogie continue to argue as "Jesse" gets closer to the room.

Boogie tells "Jesse" that he's sorry that he's basically "played" on the mirror that Jesse was in before going into a freak out upon "Jesse" and the rest about to leave. "Jesse" however, decides for the group to stay at Boogie's for the night, with the delight of him.

Early morning, Jeffrey wonders where his phone is (as Boogie took it last vlog). Once hearing his phone's ringtone in one of Boogie's bathrooms he tries to retrieve it when Boogie sneaks attacks him to make Jeffrey snap and bring back "real Jesse", although Jesse was supposedly back. "Jesse" comes in during the moment and tells Boogie to get off of his brother. Boogie persuades "Jesse" to get back into the mirror as Boogie is told by "Jesse" to sit in a chair.

"Jesse" trying to bring back the real Steven Willams.

"Jesse" then double snaps Boogie as he's going in and out of various different characters, as we see a sort of energy come out of Boogie. This is when it is revealed that Steven doesn't remember ever meeting Jesse or Parker and that his characters, Francis and Redneck Jessy are revealed to have had taken full control of Steven's body. And he tells "Jesse" that he's sorry for doing what he did.

Season 3

Boogie appears in various different arcs, as we see him do crazy things such as pranking Jesse and Swift into thinking that he is a cannibal, surprising Jesse by camping outside at the Ridgway gate near his house and eventually breaking into the Ridgway Residence wanting to get his copy of the Psycho Series graphic novel while he even tries to shoot Jesse for not crediting him for writing it. Afterwards, the whole fiasco thankfully ends in which a regretful Steven travels back to Arkansas in disgrace.

Boogie appears months later during Jesse/The Devil's housewarming party, enraged that Lance Stewart was invited and he wasn't. It was later on revealed that this is where he found the bag of money that Jesse/The Devil had hidden during the party and takes it to Arkansas, where he hides it inside an arcade machine in a gaming store to prevent anyone from finding it while spending some of the money to have his teeth fixed. However, Jesse/The Devil miraculously discovers the money inside one of Boogie's arcade machines and chases after Boogie when he snatches the bag, eventually confronting him at a dam where he tries to throw the money off, but is convinced not to do it before he hands the money back to Jesse/The Devil, who returns it to the realtor's office.

Season 4

Boogie briefly appears during Jesse's Halloween party, only for him to get kicked out by Swift and the other guests.


This version of Boogie/Steven Williams seems to have developed split personality disorder, likely due to him constantly snapping for over a decade. For example, Francis seems to be a crazy manchild who wants nothing more to have Jesse in his possession no matter what it takes, while on the other hand Boogie can seem to act the same but much more calm and less obsessive. It's possible that the Boogie persona is actually just Steven's characters (mainly Francis) using his voice as a disguise of sorts, so that others don't get suspicious. A good example of this is when Boogie gets angry he tends to act similarly to, if not exactly like, how Francis does when he gets mad and his voice might even switch to Francis' if he's mad enough. It could also be Steven under the influence of Francis, as we sometimes see Boogie acting as his friendly self but he can also get upset fairly easily and might even deliberately let Francis take control if he doesn't get his way. Also, the real Steven prefers to be referred to by his real name, rather than his "stage name."

The character is broken however in KIDBEHINDACAMERA PRANKS MCJUGGERNUGGETS!!!(uploaded on Boogie's channel), Michael Green and Boogie have an conversation on how they set up the obsessed fan prank to get back at what he did at Green's home.

However, his character seems to have actually been real as in Sacrificing a juggie at vidcon 2017. he seems to be still obsessed with Jesse and the Psycho Series. This could mean that Boogie's original intention was to keep Jesse in his possession for much longer than even Michael might have expected if Jesse hadn't escaped.

Again, in The Rebirth of Mcjuggernuggets, It was revealed that it was his characters that seemed to have caused the trouble. So, "Jesse" manages to fix Boogie’s mind and he immediately regrets what he did to real Jesse, Parker, and Jeffrey. Steven as of now seems to be on decent terms with them, but still continues to struggle with keeping Francis under control.


  • Jesse is known for telling stories; recently, Steven has fully confirmed that the whole psycho persona he has been putting on in recent videos is part of one.
  • Steven and Jesse also made a video for Steven's channel named: PSYCHO KID VS FRANCIS!!!!.




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