Post Date April 8, 2015
Duration 7:56
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"Jesse raids his house to retrieve some video games for the tent. Unexpected things occur..."

THE BREAK IN! is the eleventh episode of the KICKED OUT (SURVIVAL SERIES) uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 8, 2015.


The video opens with Jesse heading toward the house at night to sneak in to get games for the Xbox 360 he had bought for his tent earlier in the day. He activates the security light in the driveway and checks the front door window to make sure his parents are asleep. He then goes to the back of the house make sure the dogs are asleep and no ones in the kitchen, but Jeffrey Jr.'s bedroom light is on.

Feeling that everything was clear, he makes his way down to the basement into the ping pong room and finds his secret game collection. He grabs his copy of Skyrim from the collection and starts to make his way out. But then the light is turned on in the basement, and Jesse, thinking it's Jeffrey Sr., runs and hides. He finds out it's only Jeffrey Jr., and Jesse comes out and starts talking to him.

Jesse ends up getting into a small argument with Jeffrey Jr. over the idea that he's partially responsible for getting Jesse kicked out of the house and how he didn't lock Jesse's bedroom door, which allowed Jeffrey Sr. to retrieve and destroy Jesse's Wii U. Jeffrey takes offense to this, and when Jesse accuses Jeffrey Jr. of blocking the door outside, Jeffrey starts calling for Jeffrey Sr. Panicked, Jesse runs out of the house and makes his way back to Eagle's Landing, noting that he's probably going to be in a lot of trouble with Jeffrey Sr. as the video ends.


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