Post Date May 8, 2016
Duration 29:53
Genre Vlog
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"Aunt Melissa learns that Jesse has been living in her woods."

THE DEVIL'S WOODS! is a vlog, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on May 8, 2016.


Jesse returns to the RV (now revealed to be in the Stahlberger Residence), only to discover a fake spider and a piece of wood on the RV.

Jesse goes inside and invites Corn over, the two plan to sleep over for the night and play Last of Us.

When Jesse turns on the generator to get power, Melissa comes in, yelling with a frying pan. She begins to berate him on the generator's noise and proceeds to start whacking items around the RV with Jesse attempting to stop her.

While she knocks everything down, she curses out to Larry and how Jesse ruined her relationship with Theresa with his YouTube career.

The argument goes back and forth and Melissa manages to break the amalgamation of Damian and Emma. When she leaves, she gives Jesse two days to leave her woods. Jesse asks for three, but she refuses. She also forbids him to come near her house, and forbids him from speaking to her family. When Melissa finally leaves, Jesse begins to have a fit of anger over what just happened.

Jesse goes to turn off the generator and accidentally triggers the RV's low battery alarm. Rather than fixing it, he decides to leave it be and lays down in defeat, ending the video.



Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Demma Melissa Sherman-Stahlberger Whacked with a frying pan. Ripped off the "arms", ripped the "torso" in half.
The Wingless Eagle's Mirror Shattered.
Jesse's TV Unknown, knocked off it's base a bit.
The Wingless Eagle's Microwave Screen slightly damaged.
Jesse Ridgway Poked in the chest. Annoyed, unharmed.
Melissa's Frying Pan Used against the mirror, Emma & Damian, Jesse's TV, and the microwave. Bent.


  • The events where Terry Ridgway stayed at The Stahlberger Residence were explicitly referenced in this vlog where Jesse cites how much negative influence Melissa Stahlberger has done to Terry.
  • In this vlog it seems that Jesse and Melissa are more volatile towards each other with Melissa cursing Jesse out and blaming everything on him and his YouTube channel.
  • Although this isn't a Psycho Video, there is enough destruction to consider it one.


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