Post Date February 13, 2016
Duration 35:27
Genre Vlog
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"Jesse and his Mom try to co-exist in the new house together."

THE FALLLOUT! (PART 2) is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on February 13, 2016.


Jesse, Corn and Theresa sit in the living room and discuss setting rules for each other since they are going to be living together. A heated argument with Jesse and Theresa ensues over privacy and Jesse's YouTube and stream schedule. After Jesse defends his reason to keep the schedule as it is, Theresa suggests that Jesse finds "a new place" (practically kicking him out of a home that is not completely hers) and Jesse blows up over the fact that she is kicking him out of a house that Theresa originally denied living in. Jesse thinks for a while about what had happened and vents his anger and decides to head back to his old home since he has nowhere else to go, leaving his mother alone with the house and angry that she would even kick someone out of their own home.




  • Jesse's relationship with Theresa has been severely damaged in this video and they only reconciled a few months later in SAVE YOURSELF!.
  • When Jesse's leaving he decides to go back to retrieve his pet fly, Peter. He tries to catch him off of the wall, but unfortunately loses it. There's a possibility that Peter is dead.
  • This video confirms that Jesse is still bitter over his parents separation as one of the reasons he wanted his mom to move in was to relive the "good old days."
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