THE LAXATIVE PRANK! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on November 12, 2015.

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Post Date November 12th, 2015
Duration 27:58
Genre Prank
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The video starts with Jesse explaining to the camera that he and Corn are going to pour laxatives in Jeffrey Jr.'s food. The two search the entire house, however, they do not find Jeffrey Jr. anywhere. Jesse looks out the window and sees Jeffrey Jr. in the Morton building, working out.

Jesse sneaks into the Morton Building, concealing the two laxative bottles in his pockets. He pretends that he is shooting a Juggies Powwow, so that Jeffrey Jr. does not get suspicious and turn around from his punching bag. Jesse and Corn enter the room and stay in there briefly before Jeffrey Jr. requests that Corn come out and talk to him.

After Corn agrees to talk to Jeffrey Jr. in private and they leave to in the house, Jesse sees his chance to pour the laxatives into Jeffrey Jr.'s water gallon. He empties both laxative bottles, and then disposes of them next to Larry's littered Corona bottles.

Jeffrey Jr. and Corn come back, and Corn tells Jesse that he was forced to apologize for submerging Jeffrey Jr.'s motorcycle, however, Jeffrey Jr. claims that he spoke to Corn about streaming, making Jesse concerned.

Jeffrey Jr. resumes his workout on his punching bag and takes a huge gulp of the laxative-filled water gallon. Jesse and Corn notice that he progressively slows down. Jeffrey Jr. then pauses, then quickly walks back into the house. Jesse and Corn follow him, and they find that the laxatives have taken effect, and Jeffrey Jr. is in the bathroom. Jesse and Corn proceed to quietly mock Jeffrey Jr.'s noises, before Jesse couldn't contain his laughter any longer and Jeffrey Jr. heard him. At first, he thinks nothing of it, but then he realizes that Jesse took his laxatives and tricked him into comsuming them. Jeffrey Sr. is then heard in the background telling Jesse to lower down the noise.

Jesse and Corn decide to go back into Jesse's room, and the video ends with the audio of Jeffrey Jr. exiting the bathroom.



Corn and Jeffrey Jr.'s private discussion is revealed in DEAL WITH CORN.


  • Jesse is seen wearing an Angry Grandpa shirt in this video.
  • The laxatives used were two bottles of magnesium citrate, a strong saline laxative.
  • This video was removed for violating YouTube's community guidelines
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