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Post Date September 10, 2015
Duration 5:31
Genre Prank
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Video Transcript
"Jesse lures Jeffrey out to his pitfall trap, hoping to push him in."

THE PITFALL PRANK! is a prank video uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on September 10th, 2015.


The video starts with Jesse bringing Jeffrey Jr. outside in the woods leading him towards the pitfall trap that he and Uncle Larry prepared. Jeffrey Jr. sees the statue hanging up over the trap and immediately assumes, correctly, that the trap is a covered up pitfall. Jeffrey Jr. grabs a rake to try and retrieve the Batman statue, but Corn sneaks up behind him and pushes him into the pit. Jeffrey Jr. attempts to escape, but slides back in, getting completely submerged, with Jesse and Corn laughing hysterically at him.

Once Jeffrey Jr. finally pulls himself free from the pit, Jesse and Corn flee towards the house, but Jeffrey Jr. instead runs to and jumps into the backyard pool to clean himself off. Jesse and Corn run back inside the house to Jesse's room. The two end the video, congratulating each other on their success of pranking Jeffrey Jr..


Filmed by Jesse.


Victim Tormentor Method of Injury Victim‘s Final Result
Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. Zachary Cornatzer Pushed into the pitfall. Submerged; Later Saved


THE PITFALL PRANK! follows OPERATION PITFALL!, and is the final video leading to this prank.

THE PITFALL PRANK! led to the events of Psycho Dad Busts Down Door.


  • THE PITFALL PRANK! is the most viewed video on the channel to not have the word "psycho" in the title.
  • Sometime between this and Psycho Dad Busts Down Door, Jeffrey Jr. told Jeffrey Sr. about what had happened to him. However, that conversation is never recorded in any video on the Mcjuggernuggets or BigBrudda YouTube channels.