Post Date January 5, 2016
Duration 23:03
Genre Prank
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"Jesse and Georgie prank their Mom's with some pasta."

THE SPAGHETTI PRANK! is a prank, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on January 5, 2016.


This video starts off with Jesse phoning and apologizing to Theresa for being annoying lately and offers to make them dinner. Theresa hands her phone to Melissa, who accepts his offer.

Once Jesse and Corn get to the Stahlberger Residence, they find Georgie and they begin to make spaghetti while Corn lays the table and offers forks.

While the duo are cooking, Theresa and Melissa talk about Aunt Jackie's spare house which she is offering to Theresa. While Theresa said that she was going to look at it, Melissa tries to convince Theresa that it's not a good idea. At the same time, Melissa continues to bad mouth Uncle Larry when Theresa stated that Uncle Larry, Jesse, and his friends offered to fix it up.

When the food is ready, Jesse and Georgie carry the pot of spaghetti and pour it all over Melissa. Theresa gets angry at Jesse and orders him to get out, agreeing with Melissa. Jesse claims it was revenge for Theresa and Melissa gambling with real money, drunk driving, watching pornography, making fun of him and Melissa's negative influence on Theresa that caused her to have a drastic shift in personality. Melissa continues to order Jesse and Corn out of the house, which they eventually do.


THE SPAGHETTI PRANK! was filmed by Corn.


Uncle Larry's reaction can be seen in Uncle Larry Reacts to the Spaghetti Prank.

Multiple references to Hell's Kitchen were mentioned.


  • THE SPAGHETTI PRANK! is the first video where Melissa physically jabs Jesse in his chest.
  • THE SPAGHETTI PRANK! is the first video where Terry answers a phone call from Jesse in a cold and distant tone, in contrast to where she's more enthusiastic. It's likely a sign that Melissa's influence has taken hold of Terry's mind.
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