Post Date April 2, 2016
Duration 8:04
Genre Prank
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THE ULTIMATE APRIL FOOL'S PRANK! is a prank uploaded onto the YouTube channel McJuggerNuggets on April 2, 2016.


Note: For seeing of how the prank was made, go here: "PREPARING THE ULTIMATE PRANK!".

The video starts with Georgie Stahlberger shaking an orange soda bottle while Jesse is making mac n' cheese. Melissa walks in and becomes suspicious with two cameramen (one being Zachary Cornatzer, who was filming Jesse's POV and Austin Robinson, who was filming Georgie's POV). Georgie asks Melissa to open the shaken orange soda because the cap is too tight. However, as Melissa opens it, the soda starts exploding before Georgie takes the cap off and sprays it at Melissa and Jesse - a food fight occurs between Jesse and Georgie, which involved spraying various sauces, throwing milk, a whole chicken and other various fruits while Melissa desperately asks them to stop - she successfully does when she reminds Jesse that the mac n' cheese he was making earlier might catch on fire.

Infuriated, Melissa weaves through other obstacles set for her and goes to the wash room - however, Jesse and Georgie had placed crickets and mice inside while preparing for the prank. Jesse and Georgie trap her in the washroom and laugh while hearing her screaming at the sights of her biggest fears. After two minutes, Jesse and Georgie release her, but not before slapping a pie in her face and announcing it was an April Fools joke. The video ends with a sobbing Melissa exiting the washroom and Jesse, noticing the mess on the floor concludes that Jesse and Georgie were in a bad situation. When Georgie asks how they were going to clean the mess up, Jesse responds "very carefully".




  • Georgie's perspective of the prank can be seen in his video; INSANE APRIL FOOLS PRANK!
  • As revealed in THE PUPPYSITTER!, Georgie nearly caused Jesse a second head injury due to the weight and volume of the fruit that was thrown towards him.
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