Now this crap has gone long enough and I just feel like saying something about it.. Because "Jesse's Girlfriend (With a  receding hairline)" is full on retarded. Now I shoulde have screen shotted the entire thing. But it doesn't matter because she has that stupid Butt-kiss comment pinned (I think). I didn't completely start it. Some dude called her ugly and then I decided to join in and add in her hairline The guy that wrote the comment replied trying to defend her . the other dude wasn't replying so I decided to say something, that I always wanted to just put out there. Now we coulde still respect her and not make a wiki page about her still (If you thought it was about that). But the one problem isn't that, it's really HOW she did it that was the problem.

And seriously though we shoulde donate scalp implants though so she doesn't have to worry about that receding hairline...

KiraPira (talk) 23:09, October 1, 2016 (UTC)KiraPira

JR in a nutshell

Reaction to KiraPira Rant

Whoa, whoa, calm down. I get it, you're a bit mad. Do you need to cool down a little bit? Any questions, concerns, troubles? Is there a link to the conversation?

Explicit-DragoonFight Mister Explicit Explicit-DragoonFight 23:09, October 1, 2016 (UTC)

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