Team Piece of Shit
Team Piece of Shit
Full Name: Team Piece of Shit
Alias Team Shit
Jesse Ridgway (Isaac)
??? (Isaac)
Psycho Emo (Isaac)
Psycho Isaac (Isaac)
Man in the Mirror (Isaac)
Evil Jesse (Isaac)
McDruggerNuggets (Isaac)
Emo Boss (Isaac)
Enoch (Isaac)
I-sack (Isaac)
Emo Kid (Isaac)
McJuggerNuggets (Isaac)
Isaac Killed-her (Isaac)
Blue Haired Bitch (Rebekah)
VR Bitch (Rebekah)
The Spider (Arachnid)
The Overlord (Arachnid)
Bald F*ck (Arachnid)
Gender: Male (Arachnid and Isaac)
Female (Rebekah)
Occupation: Group
Status: Defunct
Family: Arachnid (leader)
Isaac Kalder
Current Friends:
Current friends:
Current Enemies:
First appearance: fallen angel.
Last appearance: break free.

Team Piece of Shit is the main group and protagonists that is seen in My Virtual Escape in E.V.E., It is comprised of three members.


Despite Team Piece of Shit been comprised only of three assassins, their leader, Arachnid is quite terrifying; as he is feared, even by the Moderator. E.V.E.'s Ruler, The Overlord even tried preventing Arachnid from getting to Haven by using Mother Sarah, Gingy and Elijah as weapons to kill him. In apparition., The Overlord himself attempted to kill Arachnid.

Known members

Current members





  • Legendary Golden Gun/Contraband (used by Isaac and Arachnid; occasionally stolen)
  • Arachnid's XP (used by the three)
  • Isaac's Hammer (sometimes used by Arachnid and A.D.A.M)
  • John's Shotgun (originally owned by John, later stolen and thrown away by Isaac)
  • Rebekah's Sword (used by Rebekah; later used by Isaac after her death)
  • Rebekah's Crossbow (used by Rebekah; later used by Isaac after her death)
  • Arachnid's Knife (used by Arachnid)
  • Arachnid's Nunchaku (used by Arachnid; later broke)
  • Elijah's Sniper Rifle (originally owned by Elijah, later stolen by Arachnid after Elijah's death)
  • Noah's EMP Bomb (Made by Noah for Arachnid; owned and used by Arachnid)
  • Rifles (used by Arachnid)
  • Suppressed and Unsuppressed Pistols (used by the three)
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