StoryFire A Group-Storytelling App-0

StoryFire A Group-Storytelling App-0

The Growth of StoryFire Series is a series created and updated by both Jesse Ridgway on StoryFire and Jeffery Ridgway and his Dad on the McJuggerNuggets Channel. The series follows the beggining of StoryFire and StoryFire's growth from a new website.


Jesse begins the StoryFire series by introducing the app. StoryFire is a story-telling app which Jesse want to rival Youtube with. Jesse created the app with Brain Spitz, and both of them own the app. 

Growth in popularity 

Over time, Jesse attempts to grow the popularity of Storyfire by uploading some videos on it and allowing over creators such as Boogie and KidBehindACamera to join, but some leave due to policies, disagrements, or other reasons.

Jesse leaves Youtube

Jesse annouced he would leave Youtube in 2020, which he announced months before. Many viewers were sceptical about Jesse leaving Youtube for good, as he has "left" Youtube several times.

Jeffery takes the Channel

On January 24, 2020 a video titled I have returned... was uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets main channel. In this video, it is revealed that Jeffery Jr. has "hacked" into the McjuggerNuggets channel, and effectively took it over. Later, in Pyscho Dad Owns McJuggerNuggets Channel, it is revealed that Jeffery. Jr has given control of the main channel to Jeffery Ridgway Sr. 

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