• I thought of something if the psycho series took place in the 80s, there would be some alternate titles.

    1. Psycho dad destroys Atari 2600

    3. Psycho dad axes VCR

    7. Psycho dad drowns Atari 2600

    10. Psycho dad chainsaws Atari 7800

    15. Psycho girlfriend brakes phone

    17. Psycho dad pounds Game & Watch

    20. Psycho dad grills Nintendo

    27. Psycho dad launches Intellivision or ColecoVision

    29. Psycho kid crushes Sega master system

    37. Psycho dad splits Commodore 64

    41. Psycho dad chucks Atari 5200

    43. Psycho dad wood chips Atari 7800

    45. Psycho dad shoots Nintendo

    I’ll come up with some alternate video games and scenarios to go along with the timeline.

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    • Good

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    • For Pyscho Dad Raids Stream and Pyscho Brother Smokes Out Stream. They should be called Psycho Dad Interrupts Recording and Pyscho Brother Fogs Room respectively.

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