• Can you see if you can update and edit characters, plots and Synopsis to the Devil Inside series like the Psycho videos including PSYCHO DAD BREAKS CAMERA!, Psycho Dad's Kite Flying Freakout, Psycho Dad Breaks Camera, PSYCHO DAD SMASHES TV *LOGAN PAUL VS KSI*, Psycho Dad Crashes "Going Away" Party, Psycho Dad Vs. Lance Stewart, Psycho Kid Destroys "Call of Duty: Blackout", Psycho Family Fortune Telling, Psycho Dad Smashes Pumpkins, Psycho Dad Demolishes Basement, Psycho Dad Rips Apart Graphic Novel, BOOGIE2988 IS CAMPING OUTSIDE MCJUGGERNUGGETS HOUSE!, BOOGIE2988 MEETS PSYCHO DAD!, BOOGIE2988'S PSYCHO SERIES TOUR!, BOOGIE2988 STEALS THE PSYCHO SERIES BOOK!, Boogie2988 is a psychopath., Boogie2988 flees country., Psycho Dad Destroys Amazon Echo on Christmas, LIVING AT A FAN'S HOUSE! *KICKED OUT BY DAD*, EVICTION DAY!, MCJUGGERNUGGETS DESTROYS ANGRY GRANDPA'S ASHES!, Psycho Dad Builds Ice Cream Parlor In My Bedroom, PSYCHO DAD DESTROYS MY FRONT YARD!, THE HOUSEWARMING PARTY!, PSYCHO DAD'S "GAME OF THRONES" TANTRUM!, the devil's disciple., Psycho Dad Confronts Corn, PSYCHO DAD FIGHTS MAFIA! and PSYCHO DAD KICKS OUT CORN! Can you also start to update, edit and expand Boogie2988/Francis (THE DEVIL INSIDE Character) please?

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    • Also, start working by editing, expanding and updating on The devil aside., I aM EVErYThInG., Parker is Leaving the Channel and Goodbye Swift, Welcome Back Corn!

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