Post Date January 14, 2016
Duration 31:50
Genre Psycho Update
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Video Transcript
"Jesse deals with the aftermath of having his money taken from him."

UNSAFE & UNSOUND! *PSYCHO UPDATE* is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on January 14, 2016.


Picking up after the events of Psycho Kid Moves Out, Jesse runs upstairs while Jeffrey Jr. and Corn give chase. Jesse bangs repeatedly on Jeffrey Sr.'s locked bedroom door, demanding him to come out and talk to him. All while, Jeffrey Jr. is trying to calm Jesse down and keep his anger under control. Jesse then walks outside to the security camera and talks to it as if he were talking to Jeffrey Sr. and gives the middle finger to the camera. Jeffrey Jr. then continues to try and calm Jesse down and even yells at him saying that with the way Jesse is acting, he will never get the money back.

After more arguing, Jesse and Corn sleep in the living room and await Jeffrey Sr. to come out of the room, only to be disappointed when he doesn't come out. Jeffrey Jr. comes out and says that he might not even be in the room. Jesse and Corn go to Uncle Larry's house to talk about what they could do.



UNSAFE & UNSOUND! *PSYCHO UPDATE* was filmed by Corn.


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