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What I Think About the Psycho Series

I want to start by bringing up the idea of the Psycho Series being the series Jesse was talking about in 2015: NEW VIDEOS & CHANNEL CHANGES. Jesse confirmed in 2016: Channel Changes & Announcements that the series he was referring to was not the Psycho Series.

I noticed some holes in the idea of this being the Psycho Series, such as it being fourty episodes and starting on the first day of spring. The Psycho Series already had a few episodes at the time of 2015: NEW VIDEOS & CHANNEL CHANGES being uploaded, invalidating the idea of it starting in spring.

Evidence That The Psycho Series Is Real

Psycho Dad Wrecks Car

Psycho Dad Wrecks Car
Some of the things that are destroyed / damaged cost a fair amount of money to replace / repair (Jesse's car). It doesn't seem likely to me that they'd be willing to pay that much money for it, especially as early in the series as Psycho Dad Wreaks Car.
  • It's possible that the car in Psycho Dad Wreaks Car was on the way out anyway, so further damaging it wouldn't make a difference.
  • It's possible that they were willing to pay that much money.

Psycho Dad Buries Video Games
Psycho Dad Buries Video Games

Since Jesse has had a head injury, it was dangerous for Jesse to have dirt dumped on him.

Psycho Dad Raids Stream

With most of the Psycho Videos, if something goes wrong, they can always refilm it. But with Psycho Dad Raids Stream taking place on a livestream, they can't refilm it if they make a mistake without the audience becoming suspicious, so they would be under that pressure during filming.

  • However, since the actual event took place offscreen (from the livestream's perspective), they didn't have as much pressure of viewers seeing them mess up.

Psycho Dad Shatters Youtube Play Button

I think the YouTube Play Button would be too valuable to Jesse for him to agree to it to being destroyed.

  • It's possible that it isn't.

Psycho Brother's Frozen Lockout

I'm not a medical expect, but I think that going out in the snow like Jesse was forced to do
is risky in terms of Jesse's health.
  • It's possible that I'm wrong.
  • It's possible that Jesse was willing to take the risk.

Psycho Brother Smokes Out Stream

I could be wrong, but I would think it would be a health hazard for Poopyjohn, Ella and Luna to be in the house with smoke everywhere.

  • It's possible that I'm wrong.

Psycho Kid Crushes PS4

I could be wrong, but I think that it might be illegal to be dragging a PS4 along the road. If it is, it wouldn't make sense to do it as part of the script.

  • ​It's possible that I'm wrong.
  • It's possible they were willing to risk it.
  • I'm pretty sure that people making films can request a certain area to be closed to the public while they are making the film. Perhaps this sort of thing was done for the video.

Psycho Family Halloween


Regardless how careful Jesse is, shooting a roman candle towards Jeffrey Jr. is incredibly dangerous.


Poopyjohn, Ella and Luna's reaction to Theresa coming back to the Ridgway Residence seems to be very over the top, unless they hadn't actually seen her in a while. You can't make dogs act like that to my knowledge.

  • It's possible that you can.

Psycho Kid Moves Out

Jeffrey Sr.'s safe seems that it was purposely hidden and to be honest, I'd hide a safe too, but Jeffrey Sr. openly showed it's location while aware that pretty much everything they do is on the internet.

  • Although, he might be confident that it doesn't matter due to the security the house has, or just doesn't care full stop.
  • It's possible that the safe was put there specifically for the series.



​Toni's Treats does indeed have many negative reviews due to Jesse's behaviour while working there, which is a huge negative for the business.

  • I am pretty sure it is possible to hire a place to film something and have an actor do what Jesse did on equipment used specifically for the filming, not the actual equipment used to serve customers.

    • ​As far as I know, the place would not be open to the public to go in during this type of filming, unless it is made very clear to them that filming is taking place.
    • I wouldn't think that Toni's Treats would agree to allowing this if it means possibly giving the company a negative reputation.
  • I think if an existing venue was to be used in the way it was used in that video, the company would have to make the public aware that what happened in the company was acted and not how the employees really act.

Toni's Treats has apparently got a lawsuit after Jesse and some reviews are wishing them luck. I think that pretending this and having bystanders believe it's real is illegal. ====Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room ====

Similar to Psycho Family Halloween, Jesse and Corn being inside the Gaming Room while it's being destroyed is incredibly dangerous.
  • I'm sure there are ways to make a room collapse in a safe way as to not injure actors when recording such scenes. It's possible this could've been done since Jesse and Corn did indeed appear completely unharmed.

Evidence That The Psycho Series Is Not Real

McJuggerNuggets Needs YOU!

The clip of Jesse's car seemingly related to Psycho Dad Wreaks Car in McJuggerNuggets Needs YOU! shows the car (without it's windshield damaged) having a tree fall on it and Jeffrey Jr. cussing. This suggests to me that it was a failed take of Psycho Dad Wrecks Car.

Psycho Kid Smashes TV

Psycho Kid Smashes TV
In Psycho Kid Smashes TV, the TV appears to be a different TV from Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox (filmed before) and Psycho Dad Chainsaws Xbox One (filmed after), possibly a cheaper TV used just for the video. The TV in Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox and Psycho Dad Chainsaws Xbox One also appear to be the same TV.

Psycho Brother's Frozen Lockout

According to this wiki (I wasn't around to see it happen myself), Psycho Brother's Frozen Lockout was taken off YouTube due to "bullying and abuse", which seems to match what the video is, and was put back on. Since it was not taken down again, it's possible Jesse contacted YouTube to say that the Psycho Series is scripted, which would allow Psycho Brother's Frozen Lockout to be on YouTube.


Jeffrey Jr.'s laptop, as seen in THE FALL OF EAGLE'S LANDING *PSYCHO UPDATE*, appears to the same as one of the laptops in Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party, possibly reused.
  • It's possible that Jeffrey Jr. and Mark / Corn just own the same model of laptop.

Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses

When Jesse smashes the bottle over Jeffrey Jr.'s head, it seems to me that the bottle breaks too easily. I don't regularly encounter beer bottles, but I have seen and handled a few (not Corona bottles though, so they could be different).

  • It seems that beer bottles are generally pretty solid, so I think that if a beer bottle like ones I've seen were hit against someone's head hard enough to shatter the bottle, it would make a much louder noise and the glass wouldn't shatter into tiny shards like in the video, they would make larger shards.

    • I'm making this judgement based on beer bottles I've seen that are a similar shape and size to Corona bottles, Corona bottles could be less solid then ones I've seen, along with my limited knowledge of glass. I think something glass that's less solid (I'm going to guess based on jars, some of which are have thinner glass then beer bottles where I am), the shards of glass that result from it should still be bigger than in the video.
    • Using something less solid, I would think that Jesse would have to hit Jeffrey Jr. extremely hard and fast to knock him out, much harder and faster than it appears Jesse is hitting him.
Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses (1)
Jeffrey Jr.'s immediate reaction once hit seems unnatural. He comes upwards a bit before falling to the side. I'm no medical expect, but I would think Jeffrey Jr. should immediately fall downwards, losing all support from his body.
  • Maybe a quick reflex happened right before his body was knocked out, I don't know.

To be completely honest, I strongly doubt that the way Jeffrey Jr. was knocked out is possible.

Similar to Psycho Brother's Frozen Lockout, is Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses actually allowed to be on YouTube? Physical violence and a wound with blood actually being shown in PRISONER OF WAR! *PSYCHO UPDATE*, it sounds like something that I would doubt would be allowed on YouTube (unless it was acted).

  • I could be wrong, I don't know YouTube's rules.

I think the fighting in Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses seems more like grabbing and wriggling around rather than fighting.

Psycho Girlfriend Breaks iPad

Recently, Siobhan Sullivan (also known as Kate) has confirmed that Psycho Girlfriend Breaks iPad is fake.

  • She didn't confirm that everything else is fake. Psycho Girlfriend Breaks iPad could be fake and made as something to add to the Psycho Series.


​Unless I've missed something, Jesse seems oblivious to the fact that Toni's Treats is sueing him. I would think that the person being sued would be alerted very early on in the case. I think Jesse would mention it (at the very least) in the vlogs.

  • ​I could be wrong, I don't know how the process works.

Final Thoughts

I'm one of those people that believes things I'm told unless I find out otherwise or see a reason to doubt them. While the Psycho Series has several points pointing towards it's being fake, I personally believe that the majority of the Psycho Series is real, with a few exaggerations / fakes (Psycho Girlfriend Breaks iPad for example).

I do tend to sway either way depending on the day and as I watch the latest videos, but I do tend to stick with my belief I mentioned above.

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