Hello, everyone! This is my review of the recent blog AUNT MELISSA FIGHTS PSYCHO DAD!

The video starts just following FATHER KNOWS BEST! where Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. manages to get a location on where Theresa Abraham-Ridgway is staying: The Stahlberger Residence. Jesse gives chase to him and manages to arrive early before Jeff Sr.'s arrival, which leads to a mental and physical conflict between Melissa Sherman-Stahlberger and Jeff Sr.. 

  • Jeff Sr. pushes Melissa into a couch
  • Melissa gets John Cena'd by Jeff Sr.

First off, this was definitely worthy of a Psycho Video (although it wasn't, so please don't add the category "Psycho Video" in the article), so chances are that the Psycho Series will be reaching its grand finale soon. This was the most violent act Jeff Sr. had demonstrated on camera, which was the strong aspect for me to like the video. I do feel bad for Melissa due to the fact that she had got defeated by the reigning competitor, which makes her more likeable and more of an anti-heroine than an antagonist. For Jeff Sr., I like the way that he had self-defended himself and not hesitating from pushing Melissa into a couch to throwing the latter into a Christmas Tree, destroying a portion of the decorations in the process.

Overall, the video was great and deserved what it got for what was captured - Full marks: 10/10.

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