Guess what? We have been recognized by one other person that had played a part in The Psycho Series. I'll give you as long as you want to guess.

Guessed? Well it was Psycho Girlfriend, and I'm not talking about the other Psycho Girlfriend, I'm talking about Kate, Jeffrey's supposed ex-girlfriend. Turns out her real name is in fact Siobhan Sullivan, so I will be changing that. And as for the wikia, it seems she is okay with the wikia and on good terms, as a blog post from the wikia (Information on Psycho Girlfriend or Kate Diogo) is referenced on her twitter page "Lady Lazarus". And by the looks of it, she is still with Jeffrey Ridgway Jr., so that is a plus & in addition, she also said a major giveaway on whether or not the Psycho Series was fake or real in her twitter thread "Newsflash: Psycho Girlfriend isn't real." ( I quote: 
"He's their son. They're the best parents in the world. They want him to succeed. He is succeeding."
―Lady Lazarus ("Kate")

There were even some replies from Is It Real? and MashButton, two popular YouTubers who make videos concerning that The Psycho Series is fake. This is a major practical giveaway in addition to the videos themselves, but she didn't delve into the fact that it was fake and only her character was. This may be mindblowing for some, but for the people who believed it was fake, then it is just added practical confirmation. Siobhan also spreads a hashtag trends saying "#KateAintReal", She even says this: 

"I did choose "Kate." It's what I tell people my name is when I know they're gonna butcher the spelling of Siobhan."

Also, I found the same thing on facebook of Siobhan spilling the beans. I also quote:

"So one day, Jesse pitches this idea of a fake revenge video where Jeff's girlfriend smashes an iPad and Jesse tapes it. My initial reaction was "Fuck, no, I'm not reciprocating the 'crazy girlfriend' trope because it's unproductive, it's lame and it's staged. I didn't wanna "work" with Jesse because he's historically super tense and rude and makes you do a shot about a trillion times. Imagine Joffrey Baratheon, except the iron throne is a YouTube empire.

But we did it. We filmed the fake video. It's about 5 minutes of me screaming at Jeff for not paying attention to me and then me breaking a tablet that we put an apple sticker on so it looked like an iPad."

Mister Explicit

20:41, January 8, 2016 (UTC)
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