Visiting Mom
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Post Date December 9, 2015
Duration 16:06
Genre BigBrudda Video
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FPS Woodsball
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Video Transcript
"My father threw out some of my mother's possessions...I stopped by Uncle Larry's to give them to her..."

Visiting Mom is a vlog, uploaded onto the BigBrudda YouTube channel on December 9, 2015.


Jeffrey Jr. arrives at Larry's house with Theresa's clothes. He goes to the RV and greets her making a Christmas shopping list. Jeffrey Jr. tells her about the events of Psycho Dad Splits Computer, but Theresa already knows. Theresa asks what Jeffrey Jr. wants for Christmas, who wants the Uncharted Nathan Drake collection. Theresa is enraged at all the things Jeffrey Sr. threw out, but thanks Jeffrey Jr. for bringing them. The two go to the house to clean the clothes.

The video then cuts to Jeffrey Jr., Uncle Larry and Theresa playing Super Smash Bros. and drinking beer. Jeffrey Jr. is beating the two with one hand. Suddenly, Jesse enters off screen and yells at Jeffrey Jr., demanding to know what's going on. The video continues the same as BIGBRUDDA'S BULLSHIT! until Jeffrey Jr. leaves the house. Outside Jeffrey Jr. proclaims Jesse "a fucking dickhead" and ends the video.


Visiting Mom was filmed by Jeffrey Jr..


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