Welcome to Eagle's Landing
Welcome to Eagle's Landing
Post Date April 2, 2015
Duration 8:55
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"Jesse comes to terms with his exile and embraces his new place of residence, "Eagle's Landing". Juliette, his girlfriend, even comes to pay a visit!"

Welcome to Eagle's Landing is the third episode of the KICKED OUT (SURVIVAL SERIES) uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 2, 2015.


The video starts with Jesse sitting outside his tent in his camping chair, talking about what he has done with the tent, saying about how he's learning. He says that he's bored and has been going to the Morton Building to charge his phone and Jeffrey Jr.'s laptop and that he does have signal and wifi at Eagle's Landing. He then comments on his smell, wishing he had asked Theresa to bring him deodorant.

Listening to the birds, Jesse jokes about how he's going to learn to communicate with birds, then gets up to hang the eagle he found from the trophy remains, naming the tent "Eagle's Landing".

Jesse brings up the topic of food, not having any snacks. He also mentions that his girlfriend is coming in a few hours to camp out with him and comments what he could do with her. Jesse then remembers his car, deciding to move it.

The video cuts to outside Eagle's Landing, where Jesse has moved his car. He talks about when Jeffrey Sr. wreaked his old car and saying that he bought a used car. Jesse walks back to Eagle's Landing, showing the viewer the inside of the tent.

The video cuts to when Jesse's girlfriend has just arrived, her commenting that there was a lot of traffic due to rush hour. Jesse introduces her to Eagle's Landing, to which she is impressed.


Filmed by Jesse.


The events of Psycho Dad Wrecks Car are mentioned.

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