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Zachary Cornatzer (Devil Inside Character)
Corn fighting Miguel in an epic battle.
Full Name: Zachary Cornatzer
Alias Corn
The Devil's Disciple
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Occupation: The Devil's Disciple
Prison Guard (Formerly)
Farmer (Formerly)
Status: Alive
Family: Cheryl Cornatzer (Mother)
John Cornatzer (Father)
Bethany Cornatzer (Younger Sister)
Current Friends:
Current Enemies:
Current enemies:
Last appearance: THE HALLOWEEN PARTY!

Zachary Cornatzer (born February 19, 1992), also known as ManNamedCorn or simply Corn, is an American YouTube personality and actor from New Jersey. After the Psycho Series ended, he quit as Jesse Ridgway's cameraman and was replaced by Parker Zippel sometime afterwards. Many years later, he showed up for the 2019 MJN Cameraman Auditions and was one of the four last competitors. He eventually won after having a violent fight with Miguel Mendez and became The Devil's cameraman while also being named The Devil's Disciple. He was The Devil's cameraman for a while until June 14, 2019. His maintained role is being the cameraman for The Devil until an incident with a mafia gang in which Corn gets shot and taken to hospital. Afterwards, he became Jeff Ridgway's old enemy again just like in the Psycho Series, causing him to get kicked out as he has quit his job working for The Devil, leaving The Devil alone with no cameraman.


Quitting Cameraman

After the Psycho Series ended, Zachary quit working for Jesse and was later replaced by Parker Zippel sometime afterwards.

Revealed, later on, Zachary stated he quit because Jesse never gave him a break during the Psycho Series filming and also deprived him of a raise in pay, and after seeing his girlfriend cry because he had to go to Switzerland with Jesse, Corn finally quit. It also explains why he seems unenthusiastic in the videos. Ever since the series ended, the two friends haven't talked to each other and gone their separate ways. He made a brief return in CONFRONTING CORN IN REAL LIFE! and he confirmed that he moved out of New Jersey and been out since 2017, he was also briefly mentioned in BIGBRUDDA HACK INTO MY ACCOUNT. As of now, Corn and Jesse seem to be back on good terms.

2019 Return

Corn made a return in the second video of 2019 where he is first seen with Isaac Kalder. He is then seen with Jesse, Dingler and Nate in a car going to the ski trip. He then returns in EVICTION DAY! asking Jesse if he could film for him, only to be kicked out by Psycho Dad. This causes him to have Jeff as his enemy once again.

Competing for MJN Cameraman Competition, Mafia Gang Incident and Quitting Cameraman Again

Mafia Gang Incident and Quitting Cameraman Again


  • Corn earned his nickname when he made friends with Jesse and his friends including the Ridgway family and they already had a friend named Zachary, so they called him Corn as a shortened version of his surname.
  • It was revealed that Corn worked as a prison guard, but later he quit. He was pursuing a career as a Twitch streamer, before being hacked.
  • Corn had a girlfriend named Stephanie, who appeared exclusively on the ManNamedCorn YouTube channel until they had broken up prior to January 15, 2016.
  • Corn is actually seen as more energetic on his channel than he is on the McJuggerNuggets channel.
  • Corn has been in numerous skits alongside Jesse in the past, most notably the Everyday Situations series, in which he was the secondary protagonist. He was also the central character in the skit A Man Named Corn.
  • Sometime in 2017, Corn moved to Long Beach, California and currently works at the Lakewood Mall as a security guard.


Cheryl Cornatzer


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